By Chris Ortiz

The 50th anniversary of Paul McCartney and Wing’s most famous album “Band on the Run” came out earlier this year, included with a second disc of what is titled as the “underdubbed” album.

These two albums, the original, containing the full U.S. track listing, and the underdubbed, containing the original analog tapes (meaning the album outside of the song “Helen Wheels,” which only appeared on the US version of the album) are a fascinating listen, in a very good way.<br />

The 50th anniversary album is the same mix that was done in October 1973 by Geoff Emerick at Kingsway Studios in London, while the underdubbed are the same track, just with the high and middle tones cut back a bit. The underdubbed album was taken from the original mixes, but with these frequences taken out, Sir Paul’s vocals and bass can be heard ever so slightly more than on the original.

This also means that little nuances stick out, like when Paul is not exactly in tune with the rest of the band, and things like that come out a little more since they are not hidden away by the other tones.

This is not to say that the underdubbed album is bad in any way. Rather it allows a fan of the band and of this classic album to experience it in a new way, for the first time in 50 years. It is still the same album, and one can think that this is possibly hinting at the way that album was heard before it was fully mastered, giving the listener a peek at what it might have sounded like during the recording process.

This illusion is only heightened by the fact that each album includes a poster of photos that were taken by Sir Paul’s late wife Linda McCartney while the band was in the studio.

One word of caution though, the track listing for the underdubbed is not in the same order as the original US album. This helps with the idea of listening to the album for the first time, even when the tracks are all familiar and known.

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