For the second year, Ezra Lavinsky is donating all of the proceeds from his exhibit of ceramic vessels to AARF Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. Lavinsky’s Spotlight Room solo show at the Mountain Artists Guild, 228 N. Alarcon St., Prescott, will be on display from May 23 through June 17.

The exhibit kicks off with an opening reception during Prescott’s 4th Friday Art Walk from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, May 26.

Lavinsky’s upcoming exhibit will feature roughly 20 to 30 pieces on display, including ornate jars and larger vessels. Each of the items in the exhibit is for sale.

In addition to his larger wheel-thrown pottery vessels, there will be a table of mugs available. Lavinsky said his mugs usually sell out the fastest at his exhibits.

“There will be a table just strictly for mugs, for people who don’t want to invest a ton of money, the mugs are less expensive,” Lavinsky said. “They’re only like, maybe $35, $40, or $50. The table is full of mugs for people who would like to take something small and utilitarian with them.”

Last year, Lavinsky raised $2,300 for AARF and this year he hopes to top that amount.

“It was a nice turnout and this year my hope is that it’s going to be an outstanding turnout,” Lavinsky said. “My hope is that we raise at least $3,000. To be honest, I hope it’s closer to $4,000 or $5,000, but I don’t want to set my sights too high. I just want to make all the impact I can.”

Lavinsky explained that he wanted to do a show that benefits AARF Animal Rescue because he believes in their cause. “I’ve always tried to support animal rescues, whether monetarily or volunteering my time,” he said. “Pottery will always be the love of my life and it just dawned on me that I can combine these two and so many people love being able to help animals.”

Lavinsky has worked with ceramics since he was in college, about three decades ago, and he has stuck with it because he enjoys the process that wheel-thrown pottery requires.

“I don’t know of another artistic medium that is as dynamic,” he said. “It’s in motion and it’s happening in the moment. Painting is dynamic, but the clay is flying through your hands, so it’s a very dynamic process, number one. I’m very drawn to form. A lot of people, they look at glazes, the color of a vessel and, of course, I do too, but the form is everything.”

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For more about Ezra Lavinsky’s work, visit or #ezrapottery on Instagram.

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