Arizona Philharmonic’s (AZPhil) classroom compositions — based on local student field trips — are a focal point of their outreach program. Last year, two Lincoln Elementary second-grade classes visited the Highlands Center for Natural History and absorbed the essence of the forest, which they were then guided to translate into music in the classroom.

These two student compositions will be showcased at the season opener at 3 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 10, at the Ruth Street Theater, 1050 Ruth St., Prescott.

AZPhil thanked Sarah Vincent, associate director at the Highlands Center for Natural History, as well as Amy Van Winkle, PUSD Community Theater events manager, for helping facilitate this outreach, added Henry Flurry, AZPhil executive director.

Following the students’ compositions, Maestro Peter Bay returns to conduct the full orchestra for the season opener, beginning with Dvorák’s Serenade for Winds, Cello and Bass, highlighting much of AZPhil’s wind section in a colorful work of lyricism and Czech rhythms. Wholly Czech in character, it looks back to the tradition of music-making in Czech castles and palaces. Next is Martinu’s lively Sinfonietta La Jolla, a piece commissioned in 1950 by the Musical Arts Society of La Jolla, which evokes the spirit of the sun-drenched Californian shores.

Wrapping up the season opener is Beethoven’s Fourth Symphony. Described as being as contrasting in character as possible from his Third and Fifth, it is a beguiling work of comedy and enchantment, with a good dose of musical mischief.

Season tickets are on sale through Sept. 10, offering a 20% discount. Additionally, Pick 3 offers a 10% discount, and individual tickets begin at $39, $10 for students and $20 for teachers at

Information provided by Arizona Philharmonic.

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