By CHRIS ORTIZ, The Daily Courier

When the self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Pink Floyd Experience” announced that they were making a stop at the Findlay Toyota Center in Prescott Valley on June 9, I was excited for the chance to finally be able to cover them.

I had heard a lot about Brit Floyd in the past, and a lot of good things. I knew of Damian Darlington’s amazing guitar playing and voice, as well as the other musicians in the band, and as the time got closer to the opening of the doors, lines that I would compare to that of other shows at the center started to form.

However, this almost seemed like all of the people who would be attending the evening, as by the time the band took the stage, it appeared that half of the available seating was empty.
First, the harmony of the band vocally was almost perfection and the playing was hypnotic. They performed like a well-oiled machine, a band that was much older than their 13 years of existence. Anyone there listening to the band could have easily put this group of musicians as being together for decades; with the audio engineers perfecting every note as it came out of the speakers.

Not only that, but I was informed of the light show that the band puts on and how awesome that was. I was not prepared for what I was about to see with my own eyes. It was a light show that enhanced everything that happened on stage, which is harder than it may seem as a lot of concerts the lighting seems to detract from what is going on, or just be outright annoying.

Having covered Roger Water’s “This is not a Drill” tour in September 2022 in Kansas City, the two shows were comparable. I would say Water’s show just edging out this tour, simply due to the fact of things like stage design, slightly different effect, and the fact that while the appearance of a dog on stage during Brit Floyd’s show, Water’s two larger-than-life balloons, one being the iconic pig, which is in reference to the 1977 song Pigs (Three Different Ones).

However, until Waters and Gilmour can solve their differences, and what’s left of the band reuniting, seeing Brit Floyd is the next best thing.

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