The Dirty Halos band playing live music

‘Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.’ ~  Alphonse de Lamartine

I so very much love the beautiful sentiments people of all professions and beliefs have expressed since the beginning of time. Music truly is the very essence of life, and I am grateful for every single day I can incorporate music into my life in some way, shape, or form.

I was so happy to see The Dirty Halos on Friday night. Let’s face it, even if they were bad (which they are not, because they are fabulous) I would go see them just because of the name. I LOVE the name, because it makes me think about the fact that my own halo could do with a vigorous cleaning several times on any given day! Anyway, they were gracing the stage at Whiskey River Tavern with the full band, and the place was packed … rightfully so. They play an eclectic mix of originals and cover tunes, and they do an outstanding job.

The current lineup of the band consists of front man Kenn Duncan (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Chris Bennett (lead guitar, vocs), none other than Anton Teschner (the extraordinary soundman at the Birdcage Saloon who usually plays guitar and sax) on bass, and Steve Nelson on drums. Drew Hall joins them when he can, he is a fluid kind of part of the band. Collectively, these guys have a tremendous amount of talent, and I will always drop everything I’m doing to go see them. The vocals shift from soulful to fun, from deeply heartfelt to utter jollification, they’re spicy, sweet, and salty, giving the audience the whole experience of a wide variety of how vocals alone can touch one’s soul. The guitars, at some moments dueling, other times telling a story in perfect harmony, work perfectly together, like a well-oiled machine. The rhythm section keeps it all beating flawlessly, with Anton laying down some outstanding bass lines, and Steve effortlessly showing his mastery of the drums.

These four musicians play exceptionally well off each other, and that is something I always look for when I go see live music. They are four independent musicians coming together as one cohesive unit, and it’s a beautiful thing to witness. Their debut album ‘No Agenda’ is available on CD, Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon … I urge you to check them out. You will be forever grateful to me for steering you in their direction. They are also currently working on their second album which makes me very happy. You can catch the Dirty Halos Duo on Sunday from noon until 3 at LazyG Brewhouse…it will be LazyG’s last live music show of the season … so BE THERE!

Now this weekend’s shenanigans! Whiskey River Tavern features Wheelhouse on Friday and Scandalous Hands on Saturday … both are must see! The Chilly Lopez Band will entertain at the Birdcage Saloon on both nights (must see), while Matt’s Saloon plays host the Highway 260 Band on both nights. More fun stuff at Jersey Lilly’s this weekend, when Hit Squad 17 takes to their stage both Friday and Saturday night, while you can catch The CheekTones on both nights at the Windsock Lounge. Back Alley Wine Bar has a fun weekend with Stef-N-Rock on Friday, and Palomino on Saturday. And sadly, it’s the last weekend of the season featuring live music at the LazyG Brewhouse with Marko & Troy on Saturday from noon until 3. Don’t forget about the AZ Philharmonics … they are featuring ‘Classic Wines in New Bottles’, where Maestro Peter Bay presents a concert of music inspired by composers and genres from earlier eras. This will be amazing, so get your tickets online at

I beg of you, come out and play (and by play, I mean dance). I want to see your happy, smiling faces and wiggly butts all over our beautiful downtown venues. Let me know what you think by emailing me at Ciao for now!

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