Chicago Bob

“Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes … Turn and face the strange … ch-ch-ch-changes” ~ David Bowie

Every time I think I got things figured out, somehow changes get thrown in the mix and I am certainly forever kept on my toes … which, in effect, is extremely conducive to dancing, always. Part of the changes included my actually having a mini vacation in California last weekend, but the weekend before there was a lot of dancing going on (as per usual).

I went to the Thumb Butte Distillery (yes, they’re slowly getting back into hosting live music sessions, and I will definitely keep you informed) to see Chicago Bob and the Blues Squad on 9/10. If you love the Blues (and who doesn’t), particularly the traditional, harmonica-based style of Blues that was strongly emerging immediately after WWII, then these guys will quickly become some of your favorites. Between the five of them, they have decades of solid, professional music experience, which clearly comes across when they start playing. Their influences include all the Blues greats, such as Muddy Waters, Kim Wilson, and Little Walter, to name just a few.

Front man Bob Frascone (blues harp, vocals), who originally hails from Chicago, began his harmonica career in his teens. Nowadays, he schleps around a case with some 20 or more harmonicas in it, and he expertly plays every one of them. His vocals are spot on, and he engages the audience with jokes and witticisms, much to the delight of everyone in attendance.

Garry Segal, the guitarist with the mostest (rhythm, slide, lead guitar, vocals), has teased some amazingly awesome chords from his instruments for over 30 years, and it’s a pleasure not only to watch him get into the zone, but to also observe his dedication to every single song. And to top it off, he also sings!

Peter O’Reilly on lead and rhythm guitar is a 1987 graduate of the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, and we are extremely grateful to have him for ourselves here in Prescott now. He impresses with some outstanding solos and certainly captures the audience’s attention.

On to the rhythm section, where Gordon Jennings skillfully keeps things rolling on the bass. Not taking a backseat to his bandmates, he makes his presence known with soulful bass scales. Throughout the years, he has played in many different rock, country, and blues bands all over California, and his talent is undeniable.

Finally, our very own Carlos B. Jones on drums. He started in the 60’s in LA, California, and studied percussion performance, classical, jazz, and world music in college. Thankfully, he has been gracing Prescott with his presence for some years now, playing drums for Big Daddy D and the Dynamites, which is how all of Prescott came to know this amazing drummer. It never ceases to amaze me when he plays traditional grip with his left hand (and effortlessly switches over to match grip) and match grip with his right. There is nothing calm about the way he plays drums, and we wouldn’t want him any other way!

The combined talent in this band is out of this world. They’re amazing musicians, and awesome entertainers. I will let you know when they will play again, and I highly recommend you go see them.

And I suppose now you want to know about the upcoming shenanigans this weekend, so here ya go:

The Birdcage Saloon features the Well Dressed Wolves on Friday night, and 90 Proof onSaturday night, and you should absolutely make time to see them. Sunday from 3 – 7 you can see Jacklen Ro.

The Windsock Lounge is shaking it up with Llory McDonald & Combo Deluxe (amazing) on both nights, followed by Sky Daddy & the Pop Rocks on Sunday afternoon.

Jersey Lilly’s hosts Off The Record on both nights (get yer dance on), and on Sunday afternoon, Little Larry will perform solo.

At Back Alley Wine Bar, you can see Moodswings on Friday night, and Isometric on Saturday (great fun), while Whiskey River Tavern opens the patio to Kicked out of Cottonwood on Friday night (don’t miss it), and the Groove Dawgs on Saturday night (can’t miss that one, either).

Matts Saloon will feature Zander Rodriguez on both nights for all you Wrangler sporting two-steppers. And rounding out the weekend is the LazyG Brewing Company (such a great place) with Runnin’ on MT onSaturday from noon until 3, and Salt of the Earth on Sunday for that same time frame. And you can’t miss either of those performances, because they’re phenomenal.

Thanks for the emails, keep ‘em coming! I appreciate all your input, suggestions, and kind hellos. With that, I bid you all a fond farewell until next week. Be good, be kind, smile at strangers, and most importantly …. Dance like nobody’s watching!

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