The work of three artists, Jo Manginelli, Debra Salazar and Lisa Griest, are available to the public at ‘The Artists’ Attic 2022’ in the Mezzanine Gallery at ‘Tis Art Gallery, 105 S. Cortez St., Prescott, from now through Dec. 29.

Manginelli’s weaving exhibits love of texture and color, as well as her interest in playing with the various structures weaving has to offer.<br />

“I always start with a woven piece,” Manginelli said. “I do wraps. I’ve done some jackets, scarves, I do housewares, things like towels and table runners and that kind of thing.”

Manginelli has had a lifetime connection to fiber which eventually led her to weaving in 1997.

“I really got interested in weaving as a child,” Manginelli said. “My both my grandparents were dressmakers, so I started with sewing but I had always been interested in weaving and I kind of dabbled in it, but really never got into it because I went on to business and didn’t do too much of it. I did mostly sewing and quilting as a hobby.”

After retiring, Manginelli moved to Prescott where she took a weaving class at Yavapai College.

“After my husband and I retired, I said, ‘Gee, this is a perfect opportunity to see if I really loved this as much as I thought I had,’ and I did,” Manginelli said. “From my first class, I just started weaving and never stopped.”

Manginelli enjoys weaving with a multitude of fibers, from organic cotton, wool, silk and bison, to ribbon and paper. Anything she finds is an opportunity for experimentation at her loom.<br />

“It’s not a boring art because all the fibers and all the structures that you could use, every time you sit at the loom, you can be doing something completely different from what you had done before,” Manganelli said.

According to Manginelli, the real challenge of weaving is the calculations.

“There’s a lot of math involved in it,” Manganelli said. “You have to figure out how close you have to put your fibers, what combination of fibers you want, what color combinations you want. So every time I get to the loom, it’s always a different project and it could be totally different from anything I’ve ever done.”

Salazar is a local fiber artist using wool roving to create whimsical animal sculptures. The process to create them is called needle felting. Each has their very own personality sometimes serene or full of mischief and occasionally just plain grumpy.

Griest creates mixed media figures, puppets, and assemblages using paperclay, encaustic, paint, wood and anything else she can get her hands on.

For more information about ‘The Artists’ Attic 2022’ at ‘Tis Art Gallery, visit

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