By Jesse Bertel

Celtic Woman, renowned for its captivating performances filled with breathtaking harmonies and instrumental virtuosity, is set to mark its 20th anniversary with a new live show.

Following the success of “Postcards from Ireland,” the group revealed plans to bring its celebratory tour to the Findlay Toyota Center at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 8.

The Celtic Woman 20th Anniversary Tour promises to enchant audiences with a fresh blend of traditional and contemporary Irish music, reflecting both Ireland’s rich musical heritage and the vibrant spirit of modern Ireland.

While the lineup of performers has evolved over the years, the signature sound of Celtic Woman remains consistent, highlighting the individual and collaborative talents of its members. Emma Warren is the newest member of the group, having joined last year.

“I auditioned a couple of times over the years and it never worked out, the timing wasn’t right, so I’m thrilled to be a part of the group this year,” Warren said. “I’ve grown up listening and watching Celtic Woman since I was young. I feel like it’s probably every Irish singer’s dream to be a part of Celtic Woman.”

Warren grew up in a musical household with parents who supported her development as a performer.

“My dad is a singer as well, so I grew up singing and dancing,” she said. “My mom was a dancer, so I grew up always doing both. They would bring me to all my lessons and it was just my main interest. I always just wanted to be a singer.”

Since its global debut two decades ago, Celtic Woman has solidified its position as a significant musical force and cultural phenomenon. With consistent multi-platinum album and DVD sales, as well as heartwarming concert tours, the group has amassed a devoted global following.

Combining accomplished recording prowess with world-class live performances, Celtic Woman showcases some of Ireland’s most talented singers and musicians on the international stage.

Their repertoire spans Irish classics, contemporary tunes, beloved classical pieces and original compositions.

“Anybody that loves Irish music or has a connection to Ireland, that’s primarily our audience, but really it would appeal to anybody because it’s just a fantastic night out,” Warren said. “There’s traditional Irish songs as part of the group and they’re all original arrangements of those songs. For the 20th anniversary tour, we also have some new songs and new arrangements as well, which are gorgeous pieces. I just love singing them each night. There’s something for everyone in this tour this time around.”

Comprised of four talented Irish women, Celtic Woman’s performances are enriched by a robust ensemble that includes Irish dancers, bagpipers and a full band playing traditional Celtic instruments.

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