The multi-instrumentalist sister duo out of Sedona, Kaleidoscope Redrocks, is opening for the Vandoliers at 8 p.m. Friday, June 2, at Lyzzard’s Lounge, 120 N. Cortez St., Prescott.

Gracie and Tivona Moskoff switch from one instrument to another, both playing electric and acoustic guitars, drums bass, keyboards and singing. Gracie even plays drums and guitar at the same time.

“It’s not really that hard for me,” Gracie said. “I have fun doing it. It’s kinda easy. I play drums with my feet like a full drum kit and then I’ll hold the stick in one hand as I’m strumming the guitar.”

Kaleidoscope Redrocks is gathering attention for the recent release of their first album titled, Running Out Of Time. Gracie explained that their father helped them come up with the band name.

“When we moved to Sedona our dad had come up with the name Kaleidoscope as just me and Tivona to be going around when we were playing at group homes and assisted living,” Gracie said. “We were called Kaleidoscope until we realized that there is a band from the UK called Kaleidoscope. So, we didn’t want any copyright issues and because we live surrounded by the red rocks in Sedona and also on Red Rock Road, it seemed very fitting to add red rocks to our band name and it just fit together really well. We also go by KR as well.”

The Vandoliers is a national and international touring band that Gracie and Tivona first saw on stage with the famous Irish punk band Flogging Molly.

“We are very excited and ecstatic to be opening for our favorite band,” Gracie said. “We just saw them play and we fell in love with them right away. At first sight and sound, we fell in love. Then, we got to see them again and we started contacting them through social media and we became friendly with them and acquainted and we actually covered several of their songs.”

Gracie started playing in a band with her sister after attending the School of Rock in Phoenix, a music program made famous by the movie of the same name. “I was in School of Rock, Tivona my younger sister wasn’t, just because of how expensive it was,” Gracie said. “I did learn how to play drums and also a little bit of guitar lessons that I got. Then the rest we basically taught ourselves.

“After School of Rock, our dad discovered Music Maker workshops, also in Ahwatukee. So, we went to Music Maker workshops where they put you with other people who are about the same age and also have the same interest in creating about same music. You get to name your band and they basically help you get shows around and you’re part of their workshops.”

Kaleidoscope Redrocks is also playing at the Jerome Music & Arts Festival on Sunday, June 11.

Tickets are $20 to see both Kaleidoscope Redrocks and the Vandoliers. For more information, visit

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