For those of you wanting to spend some enjoyable time out of the scorching July heat, the Peregrine has just the thing.

“Living and Touring with Alice Cooper,” by Michael Allen

Former Alice Cooper roadie, Michael Allen’s, “Living and Touring with Alice Cooper” is a real page turner — except when you stop in your tracks coming across one of the many priceless photos of the era and of the developing band, as it goes from The Earwigs (can you imagine} to The Spiders to The Nazz, and finally arrives at Alice Cooper. The book is chock full of wonderful stories that bring back the magical ’60s while the Phoenix band was hanging with other icons of the era, from Frank Zappa to Ken Kesey.

And come to the Peregrine on Saturday, July 8, at 2 p.m. to hear Michael Allen’s (now a retired anesthesia nurse) amazing stories and consider picking up a signed copy of this one-of-a-kind book that is breaking sales records even in Europe and elsewhere.

“A Photographic History of 1916 Prescott, Arizona,” by Nancy Burgess

Have you ever wondered just what Prescott must have been like way back when the modern age was just beginning? Around 1916, maybe? Well, wonder no more: Join us at the Peregrine on Saturday, July 22, when author and historical preservationist Nancy Burgess comes to talk about her book and to show us a truly unique Powerpoint photographic tour. “A Photographic History of 1916 Prescott, Arizona,” is based upon more than 100 images from glass-plate negatives left by an unknown photographer who captured the heart of Prescott in 1916.

“The Sticks,” by Jeffrey Zucker

To round out the month of July in cool surrounds, we have architect, actor and author Jeffery Zucker’s “The Sticks,” which is the second of his New Moon Trilogy, a series that follows the thread of a promise as it is woven through the tapestry of time. After Zucker gives an enticing reading from this sci-fi thriller, you can take home a signed copy and continue the compelling story in the comfort of your own home as Captain Baker finds an adventure he was not prepared for and the answer to his quest appears in a most unexpected way.

— Reviewed by Susan Lang,

Peregrine Book Company

Event Coordinator

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