By Barry Barbe

There are few people who embody the meaning of service and community more than Marnie Uhl, CEO of the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce.

And for Marnie, it’s not only her passion, but also in her blood. Originally from Los Angeles, Marnie spent the early part of her career following in the footsteps of her father, “Pops.”

While trying to determine a life path, Marnie spent 22 years with the LA police force. During this time Marnie served in a variety of roles including the “beat” and finished in family courts as a bailiff.

“I loved being able to make a difference and help solve problems and do good for society,” Marnie said. “People in law enforcement have a passion for what they do, and having the ability to be a positive influence in your community.”

Later, Marnie would go on to gain her certification in criminal justice before changing careers. Moving to New Mexico, Marnie took on her first position with a chamber of commerce.

To the benefit of Prescott Valley, and the quad-city area, Marnie would eventually move to Arizona as Chamber executive director for Prescott Valley in 2006.

Marnie’s infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude draw people to her, and when coupled with non-stop energy, she is a force.

“When I first arrived, the town was going through some major changes. The entertainment center and YRMC were just being built, so it was an exciting time and opportunity,” Marie adds.

Anyone who lives in Prescott Valley, or the surrounding area, has most likely run across Marnie as she invests her time and talents. Perhaps you’ve heard her radio show, “Talk of the Town,” as emcee at a local fundraising event, or even dancing the stage for the inaugural season of “Dancing for the Stars,” with the Boys and Girls Club. Not only was Marnie in the premiere season, but she was also the first performer to hit the stage kicking off what has become a signature event not only for the Boys and Girls Club, and the Prescott area.

Early in her 17-year residency, Marnie was approached by local theater director Clyde Neville to audition and hit the stage in “Catch me if you Can,” with the Prescott Valley Playhouse.

Throughout her theater life, Marnie has played a variety of roles, ranging from musicals to heavy drama. Most recently Marnie was the lead in “Still Life with Iris” in the new stage at Suze’s Prescott Center for the Arts. Other notable roles include Doubt, and August Osage County.

“Theater is such a great way to not just challenge yourself to learn the lines and develop the character, but also a great opportunity to build lifelong relationships with your fellow actors and crew members.”

Marnie currently serves as the president of the Yavapai College Foundation Board, and she is a board member for the Yavapai Regional Medical Center.

“The great part about my life, is that I have the time to commit to projects I’m passionate about and feel that my contribution is making a difference,” she said.

In addition to Marnie’s nonprofit, community and theater work, she actually has a full-time job as the CEO of the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce.

“I have a very small, but dedicated team that is dedicated in promoting not only our 650 chamber members, but Prescott Valley and being the connection between our members and the surrounding communities,” Marnie said. “We also have a very active Chamber Ambassador program and volunteer opportunities for community members that are excited about our town and want to help share that with others.”

The Prescott Valley Chamber celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2024. And as to the benefits of being a member of the chamber, Marnie subtlety responds: “Me.”

But along with the benefit of having Marnie being the face of your chamber, the membership is also offered networking opportunities through mixers, luncheons and workshops.

“The next mixer is also a quad-city mixer including everyone to Mayer and the public at the Prescott Rodeo Grounds on June 22nd. The rodeo hosts the annual summer mixer for all chambers in the area and is such a great way to connect beyond your community.”

When asked how she would describe herself beyond the obvious, she says: “Community investor. I don’t see what we do as leading, but rather as investing.”

For information on the Prescott Vallery Chamber of Commerce, visit

Barry Barbe owns the El Gato Azul and Torme restaurants in Prescott, and is the energy and insight behind the Prescott Palette. His radio show, the Prescott Palette, is on KQNA 1130 AM, Saturdays at noon. Email:

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