By Barry Barbe

Every day we come in contact with a variety of individuals. Some only in passing, others however have the ability to inspire us. While the Prescott Palette focuses on the Culinary, Visual, and Performing Arts, it also tells the stories of our community and the groups, organizations and individuals who create change, and inspire us to be a better community.<br />

This is one such story.

As we move into spring, and the promise of warm months ahead, there is something more to look forward to than warmer days and blooming trees. Spring is a season of promise, excitement, and inspiration.

Winter will surely show itself once more but, for the most part, it has passed, it’s time to move on to new opportunities and new relationships.

It’s easy to get lost in the vitriol and conflicts that seemingly surround us. However, Prescott is full of people who inspire us on a daily basis, and unknowingly challenge us to be and do better.

Inspiration, or being inspired can take many forms. Many people associate inspiration with the creative aspect. Such as being inspired to create a new work of art, music or structure. There are also people who inspire us because of their commitment to others, community and caring.

<inline type=”text” title=”” align=”left” >This Morn when I awoke

The world was glittering and white.

All fresh in quiet stillness lay

Bejeweled with Silent Light.

But as the Sun rose higher

And Dawn faded into Day

The Beauty of the untouched World

Did melt and wash away.

And is it not the job of Time

To melt the fallen snow?

And is it not ours, yours and mine,

To learn to let it go?

— Meg Bohrman


Meg Borhman, encapsulates all these attributes.

When we sat down last week, Meg and I had already been acquainted for a number of years, but this was the first time we actually sat and met each other. Perhaps that’s the lesson to be learned here.

Since 2000, Meg and her family have called Prescott home and have been active in the arts community in a variety of capacities.

With a degree in Music Therapy, Meg owns and operates High Note Healing, where she uses music as a therapeutic tool to help aid the healing process in a variety of physical and other challenges.

“Rhythm is what binds us in music, and it’s also what binds us as humans,” Meg explains.

Meg’s exposure to music began with a rather strict and fundamental introduction to classical piano. However, it wasn’t until later in life, with the gift of an accordion for her wedding that Meg found her own musical voice.

“The accordion is a very unique and challenging instrument, but once I mastered it, I learned I could play most any other musical instrument,” Meg said. “I just love it.”

“When studying classical piano, I was jealous of musicians who were able to simply pick up a horn or guitar and play without written music, and with a freedom that classical didn’t allow.

“I didn’t choose music therapy as a career path, it chose me,” Meg continues.

As a prolific poet and singer songwriter, Meg composes original stories and insight about the world around her, how we all interact with each other and within it.

In addition to her private music instruction and music therapy work, Meg is also a Doula, working with midwives and expectant mothers helping ease them through pregnancy the birth process and postpartum aspects of childbirth.

So, it’s no surprise that Meg comes across as a genuine and soothing soul. With the release of her family’s first CD, The Galactagogues, these attributes are on full display.

Comprised of two of her adult children, Opal and Cosimo, along with Zach Domingues, Meg proclaims: “I gave birth to two thirds of the group.”


As to the genre, Meg concedes, “We really can’t define our sound.”

I, myself proclaimed it a joyful mixture of sophisticated Bohemian Gypsy Folk Story Telling, and thoroughly enjoyable.

With their successful CD debut last fall, the group will be performing at the Pure Imagination Festival on May 18. And now, with her three children ensconced in Seattle, as smaller combos in the area.

“To nourish the human heart, to bring back the kindness, to bring back the kindness and caring for each other and connections.

“That’s what we would like our music to do,” Meg says.

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Barry Barbe owns the El Gato Azul and Torme restaurants in Prescott, and is the energy and insight behind the Prescott Palette. His radio show, the Prescott Palette, is on KQNA 1130 AM, Saturdays at noon. Email:

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