From the murky bayous of Louisiana comes a fresh face to the Blues music scene. A vocal dynamo Geminii Dragon has channeled her love for the late ’60s and ’70s Blues-Rock genre.

Lead singer Geminii Dragon is currently on tour with her band, New Orleans Trauma Unit, with guitarist Christian Simeon, bassist Dougie V., drummer E. Sass and La La Thomas on backing vocals. The band is performing at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, March 3 and 4, at the Bird Cage Saloon, 160 S. Montezuma St., Prescott. The following interview was edited for length and clarity.

What do you like most about classic Blues Rock?

The energy, the stories you can tell and I think it boxes you in less than other genres. If you do Pop, you’re supposed to look a certain way, act a certain way, sing about certain subjects. The same thing for like, R&B, or other forms of rock. With Blues-Rock music it’s story oriented and it gives you leeway to kind of, you know, swing your pendulum however you want to go from album to album — as far as the music itself, as far as the stories you can tell and as far as your image. You don’t have to be a size two, you know, Pop Princess, you can just be a natural person and still be able to be successful in the genre.

What separates your music from other bands in the same genre?

We try to make sure we bring entertainment and not just stand onstage. It’s become the norm for that to be the image, to be just there in your regular attire and you’re standing there looking cool. There’s nothing wrong with that. We try to put on a show as far as the way the music sounds and our performances physically on the stage, and our attire as well. There is something entertaining going on whether you’re looking or listening, or both.

What made you want to be a singer?

I grew up singing. I grew up in a black, Catholic church, sang gospel in the church, and music was always around. My mother’s family were all very musical. You would either sing or play instruments, that kind of thing. My family are connoisseurs of music. We loved all types of music, so it was just always there. I’ve always sang as far as I can remember. I was in youth choir and I kind of got away from it in high school and for the majority of college because I was in band. I played trumpet in high school and college. Then, toward the middle of my college experience, someone caught me singing and asked me to join their girl group. From that point on, I was trying to pursue music as a career.

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