By Jesse Bertel

The Adams Quartet, a New York-based ensemble, is stopping in Prescott on a national tour showcasing its unique blend of classical and jazz influences, along with original compositions and inventive arrangements. Performances are scheduled for Thursday, March 21, at the Raven Cafe 142 N. Cortez St., and Monday, March 12, at Ruth Street Theater, 1050 Ruth St.

Led by brothers Nicki and Patrick Adams, the quartet builds on the fusion of classical and jazz styles showcased on their acclaimed 2021 album, “Lynx.” Joining the Adams brothers are bassist Eddy Khaimovich and drummer Evan Hyde. Patrick spoke with Across the Street ahead of the tour. The following interview was edited for length and clarity.

How did this quartet get started?

It formed about a year ago now out here in New York. We were kind of doing some duo shows since like 2020, 2021. We put out an album, and kind of started working on some specific music. Then, we figured we’d put together a full ensemble. So, we got a bassist and drummer to join us and it’s been great. We’re super excited to take it out to Arizona.

Are there any challenges to playing with your brother?

We’ve had our challenges over the years. We’ve been playing music together since I was five years old and we had periods where we would probably fight a lot more, like, you know, through middle school and high school, you know, when you’re younger and stuff. But, nowadays it’s pretty smooth. I think our musical vision aligns together. It’s cool to have a co-led group where not everything is on myself, you know, to have someone to kind of lean on and throw some ideas back and forth, talk through the things, just work out musical concepts. So, it hasn’t been challenging. It’s been more rewarding than challenging.

What can people expect from the performances in Prescott?

At the Raven, I think people can expect to hear something they don’t normally hear. Just bringing New York musicians is going to bring a different energy to the room. We try to play music that feels good for people and makes them feel happy and alive. At the Prescott High School show, we’re running a clinic during the day for the high school students. We’re going to work with the students on the foundation of jazz, what it means to be an improvised musician, which should be cool. Then, that night we’re going to have a benefit concert for PHS, with the Prescott high school big bands. Our group will play a set after that and then we’re going to open up, at the end of that show, a little jam session between our quartet and high school students. If anyone would like to join us, we want to give the students an opportunity to play some jazz music in a very professional context with some very professional musicians.

The Adams Quartet’s tour dates and locations can be found on their website, at

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