Big Daddy D & the Dynamites playing music

The hills are alive with the sound of music… This definitely holds true for our community, with phenomenal live music performances everywhere, all the time. On Friday, I started out at the Birdcage Saloon for the annual Daddy D & the Dynamites reunion show and of course, it did not disappoint. Frontman Darryl ‘D’ Porras (guitar, vocs) got together with the OGs Drew Hall on guitar and vocals, Andton Teschner on saxophone, Roger Smith on bass, and Carlos B. Jones on drums. The result was utter comfort. High-powered, danceable tunes kept the dancefloor packed and the audience happy. This is what I love most about our local musicians, the fluidity and talent that allows them to play with anybody, at any time. And it allows the community to fully experience the different sides of a lot of our entertainers, the way they move across varied genres of music without ever losing a beat. This reunion show made my soul very happy and I definitely got my dance on.

Next I went to Jersey Lilly’s, where a Chandler-based band, Arizona Avenue, was keeping everybody on the dance floor. These guys were great fun and very talented, covering a wide range of music. Comprising Chuz Riehl (vocs, lead guitar), Ron Daughton (vocs, guitar), Steve ‘McDaddy’ McDaniel (Bass, backup vocals), and ‘Hutch’ Michael Hutchison on drums and backup vocals, they had people smiling, chair-dancing, and shaking it up on the dance floor. This is a new (to me) band, and I am looking forward to hopefully seeing them again soon!

Before I share this weekend’s shenanigans with you, a quick word to the wise. No matter how talented you are, or think you are, or not talented you are … if you imbibe too much alcohol and consequently try to force your way onto the stage to ‘sit in’ with the band and end up insulting the REAL musicians when they respectfully decline, it’s not cute, it’s not funny, it’s not entertaining. It portrays an entitled human being who can’t take no for an answer and it’s annoying and gross. Please refrain!

Happy happenings this weekend: The Whiskey River Tavern features Tin Hat on Friday from 1 pm till 4 pm, the Dirty Halos on Friday night and Groove Dawgs on Saturday night and you should really try to catch all of it. Jersey Lilly’s hosts the Cassandra Long Band both nights from 8 – midnight, and on Sunday it’s Little Larry Solo from 4 – 7. Matt’s invites you to two-step and line dance (Wranglers optional) to the tunes of Nathan Dean both nights. The Windsock Lounge livens things up with Funk Frequency on Friday night (get yer Disco on), and 90 Proof on Saturday night, followed by Stef-N-Rock on Sunday afternoon. Again, try to catch them all, even if you make the rounds for 15 minutes at each location! Sir Harrison Band takes the stage at the Birdcage Saloon on both nights, with a super fun event, the Gurley Girls on Sunday afternoon…GO!!!! Not to be outdone, the Back Alley Wine Bar will feature the Aragon Brothers on Friday night, and The Ping Brothers on Saturday … much fun to be had there. Last, but not least, the LazyG Brewhouse. You absolutely must go this weekend, as this is their next-to-last music weekend of the season. Saturday 12 – 3 has the Howling Coyote Tour (must see) entertaining you, and Sunday (same time) it will be Sky Daddy (also must see). C’mon my good people, get off your couches, come on out and dance!!!! Come and dance with ME!!!! Don’t let me down… I’ll be looking for you!

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