Goodness gracious, what a fantastic weekend it was! As per usual, lots of live music at all the awesome venues. I was working most of the weekend, so I focused on two particular bands that were both on the top of my to-see list. The first one, the Sasquatch Fur Company, performed at the Whiskey River Tavern on Saturday afternoon. I don’t know how many times I must tell you all to go see them, because they are so very amazing, but I will keep telling you until I see each and every one of you out there checking them out.

So let me explain it again. The Sasquatch Fur Company is one of our very own local fire fighters and his sons, all of them playing string instruments and singing. I wish I was able to share a video of them performing the song ‘Wagon Wheel’, with the youngest of the boys being the lead vocalist. It is beyond heartwarming and makes my soul smile. They have actually managed to make me enjoy country music! On Saturday one of the furry, four-legged audience members was celebrating his birthday, and the band performed ‘Happy Birthday’ for him, and I find this absolutely adorable. I love that this devoted father spends quality time with his sons, doing something that they all enjoy, and that makes other people happy. And they are really good at what they’re doing, being spot on musically. It truly doesn’t get any better than this! Thank you to all the local venues who have invited this family band to help make our lives a bit less ordinary and a lot more enjoyable.

The second band I saw over the weekend, Juniper Djinn, was recommended to me by a friend who actually saw them in Phoenix and told me to check them out at The Raven Café on Friday night. My friend sent me a couple of clips to listen to, and I was definitely intrigued. Evocative of 30’s and 40’s jazz recordings, soulful and rootsy, vocally masterful, they are definitely worth hearing. Again and again. You can listen to them online and get a taste. Then you’ll be ready to come out and see them the next time they’re playing locally. It is so awesome to find new bands that rock your boat, that make you happy to hear them. For me, Juniper Djinn is certainly that new (to me) band.

Allow me to share with you this weekend’s shenanigans (and I had better see you all out there on the various dance floors). The Birdcage Saloon will feature The Uncommon Good on both nights. On Sunday, they host a brand new band, The Devil Makes Three, comprising three of our most phenomenal local musicians, Nick Canuel on guitar, Gabriel Rhodes (Well Dressed Wolves) on drums, and Darryl Icard (Llory McDonald & Combo Deluxe) on bass. This is going to be out of this world!!!!

Speaking of Llory McDonaold & Dombo Deluxe, they are gracing the stage (and keeping the dance floor packed) at Jersey Lilly’s on Friday and Saturday night. Whiskey River Tavern hosts Palomino Band on Friday night, and live music on Saturday night (I think it’s a kind of TBA evening). Awesome tunes to be had at the Windsock on both nights, with Funk Frequency on Friday, so you can get your disco on, and then on Saturday it’s 90 Proof! YAY! Zander Rodriguez will own the stage at Matt’s Saloon on both nights. The Raven Café hosts Doc Garvey on Friday and the Dirty Halos Duo on Saturday. The CheekTones Trio performs on Friday night at Back Alley Wine Bar, and Stef’N’Rock will entertain there on Saturday night. Last, but not least, Big Daddy D & The Dynamites are taking over the Point Bar and Lounge on Saturday. It’s going to be another super busy dancing weekend. Come dance with me! I also want to hear from you all, yays and nays, suggestions, dance moves…lol.

Email me…. See you all on the dance floor! Ciao until then.

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