Jim Malcolm is the ultimate Scots troubadour. Traveling the world with his guitar, harmonicas and engaging wit, he sings the traditional songs of Scotland and his own masterfully crafted songs in a style that is modern and accessible. The singer/songwriter is performing with his wife, Susie, and daughter, Beth, at 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 18, at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 630 Park Ave., Prescott.

Though he now works solo or with his wife, Malcolm was the lead singer of the world-renowned and multi-award-winning Old Blind Dogs for eight years with some of Scotland’s finest musicians, taking him to the most prestigious festivals in North America and around Europe.

“Old Blind Dogs was a five-piece band, you know, with fiddles and bagpipes and drums,” Malcolm said. “I’ve always been more of a singer and more interested in singing songs, and I got to sing one slow song. I just wanted to do more of the kind of music that I was interested in.”

Malcolm explained that the large, instrumental band didn’t provide enough opportunity for him to sing and is more comfortable working in a more intimate setting.

“I also worked a lot on my own before I played with Old Blind Dogs,” Malcolm said. “I’ve always really enjoyed just being a solo artist although now, I also really enjoy working with my wife, Susie, and she’s great to travel with.”

Touring with his wife has also given them more time together. “When I used to travel on my own, it gets quite lonely and you get kind of homesick,” Malcolm said. “We were away for six weeks, actually, in the Midwest in the fall last year and, you know, six weeks away from home in the old days, that would have killed me but because Susie was with me, my home was with me. And that makes you realize what home is. You know, home is the people that you’re with.”

Malcolm’s daughter, Beth, who has developed a music career in Scotland in her own right, will be coming to America for the first time on this tour.

“Our daughter really has always been interested in music but she started working professionally just a few years ago,” Malcolm said. “She’s now doing quite a lot of really good things in Scotland. We applied for a visa for her to come on this trip with us, and we got one. This is her first chance really to come and work in America. She was actually voted the Scots Singer of the Year at the end of last year. So she’s just becoming quite well-known.”

Tickets are available by cash or check only at the door for $15 for ages 19 to 30, and $25 for 30 and older. Those 19 and younger get in free.

For information about the concert, call 928-771-1218.

For more information about Jim Malcom’s music, visit www.jimmalcolm.com.

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