By Jesse Bertel

Featuring Arizona Philharmonic’s (AZ Phil) principal woodwind players on flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet and French horn, Sonoran Winds will offer an intimate musical experience showcasing the skill, artistry, and dedication of five musicians highlighted on one stage at 3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 19.

The performance will be held in the Ruth Street Theater at Prescott High School, 1050 Ruth St.

Performing in this concert are Jeannette Hirasawa Moore on flute, Tiffany Pan on oboe, Scott Richardson on clarinet, Chip King on bassoon and Karen Teplik on French horn. The program includes Anton Reich’s early 19th-century quintet, Robert Muczyinski’s Quintet for Winds, Andrey Rubtsov’s light and buoyant Four Bagatelles, and concludes with witty arrangements of Early Hungarian Dances by Ferenc Farkas.

“One of the things I always like to emphasize with the woodwind quartet is that every instrument sounds unique compared to a string quintet or something like that, where you’re filled with string instruments and they all have a very similar approach to playing,” said Henry Flurry, AZ Phil’s executive director. “Between the flute, the clarinet, bassoon, the oboe and the French horn, you have these unique sonorities, which creates a strong variety in terms of what you’re listening to.”

This program by the Sonoran Winds includes four works, beginning with Anton Reicha’s Wind Quintet in E-flat Major, an early 19th-century piece that played an important role in popularizing the woodwind quintet as an ensemble.

“[Reicha] wrote in the romantic era, but he sounds almost more classical,” Flurry said. “It’s a very beautiful, clean type of sound, very well crafted, very easy and fun to listen to.”

Next is a contemporary work, the colorful Quintet for Winds by Robert Muczyinski.

“Muczynski taught composition at the University of Arizona for a long time,” Flurry said. “It’s a slightly more modern piece. It fits the instrument very well. It’s not a piece that was meant to do things the instrument wasn’t designed to do.”

The most recent work on the program, the Four Bagatelles by Andrey Rubtsov, is a light work with several flashes of humor.

“Bagatelle is basically a short piece that has a similar character to it,” Flurry said. “You’ll feel like you’re hearing early jazz and things like this in this piece. It’s just very playful.”

Early Hungarian Dances of Ferenc Farkas, witty arrangements of 17th-century courtly dances, will close out the concert.

“This one was written in the middle of the [20th] century yet it sounds like it was written hundreds of years ago,” Flurry said. “Of course, he has his own modern twists on it. All of these pieces are very different and I think that’s one of the things that we really try to do with AZ Phil concerts, is create a variety of experiences.”

Tickets are available at, beginning at $39, with $10 for students and $20 for teachers.

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