Sasquatch band

‘But meanwhile time flies; it flies never to be regained’ ~ Virgil

My goodness, can you believe it’s already November??? Now that we’re back to being able to mingle, dance up a storm, and have live music happening everywhere, time seems to fly faster than ever before. Or maybe it just appears that way because we have so much gratitude for the happenings that we are trying to cram in more than ever before. Either way, this year went by extremely quick, and the holidays are almost upon us. Remember to remain grateful and kind, and to always have fun!

With last weekend being the ‘you can be whoever you want to be’ Halloween weekend, every place downtown was completely packed with people being whoever they wanted to be for the night. From wordplay costumes (I saw a one night stand), to the obligatory nurses, firefighters, gory gremlins, everyone’s imagination was running full throttle, making the costume contests at the different venues lots of fun. And the music! Dressed up bands delivering awesome live music all over town.

Beginning with The CheekTones at Thumb Butte Distillery, which is always an awesome place to take in some great music (and they have phenomenal charcuterie boards), and…The CheekTones. Needn’t say more. At the Birdcage Saloon, we could take in the Scandalous Hands both nights, with the OG bassist Dennis ‘Fingers’ Messenger bringing his magic to the two reunion shows. We miss him and his musical talents something fierce around here.

I am happy to report that The Point Bar and Lounge is back to featuring live music on Saturday nights from 8 – 11 pm! This is an awesome venue with the best mixologists around. And on Saturday they featured The High Rollers, which is always a must-see show. These guys are my favorite Rockabilly band EVER and they didn’t disappoint.

The worst part about Halloween for me is the fact that I run into people and don’t recognize them on account of some fancy make up tricks and masks and such. I don’t dress up much anymore (last year I went as a nudist on strike), and it amazes me seeing all of you putting such efforts into truly becoming someone/something else! So besides dancing, people watching is an absolute must during this weekend every year.

Allow me to impart this weekend’s shenanigans… Back Alley Wine Bar hosts Sir Harrison on Friday night, and the Ping Brothers on Saturday night, both of which are going to be awesome fun. Jersey Lilly’s features Off The Record on both nights from 8 – 12, and I highly recommend to swing by to swing a leg (see what I did there?). Lots of fun to be had at The Windsock Lounge with Elvin Killerbee on Friday and Wheelhouse on Saturday … both nights will get your dancing genes moving.

Matt’s Saloon plays host to the phenomenal guitarist Zander Rodriguez on both nights, and you should definitely check it out! Whiskey River Tavern hits it out of the park this weekend with the Danny Romero band on Friday from 7 – 10, and 90 Proof on Saturday (same time). But here’s the extra little tidbit…on Saturday from 1 – 4, you can catch the Sasquatch Fur Company, and believe me, you truly don’t want to miss them. I have told you about them before…it’s one of our very own firefighters with his sons, and they are so fantastic, words elude me to describe their show. So come on out and see them!

Wishing you all the very best weekend, with great music, lots of dancing, and mingling with awesome friends! Ciao for now!

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